Things That Could Break Your Honeymoon If You Don't Take Care

Things That Could Break Your Honeymoon If You Don't Take Care

What kind of things you and spouse should not do and avoid in honeymoon - From all of the marriage process that has been passed, honeymoon is the one of the most intimate and should be enjoyed both by the couple. Honeymoon is the time for the couple to have fun, and start to learn simple but basic thing about your married life.

This moment also become a first milestone of your journey as a wife and husband. Don’t let your marriage starting point tinged by a bad thing. Read some of the forbidden things below that you and spouse should not do while in honeymoon:

Being so serious

In regulary life and daily work you might a perfectionist person. Forget this nature when you’re in honeymoon. This is the time you and spouse to have fun. There is no schedule that need to be obeyed, no binding rules, or small thing to be questioned. Let’s free yourself and follow the holiday atmosphere. Try a new difference things. Enjoy your special moment with spouse.

Being tense and stiff

There is no best moment for having fun with spouse other than honeymoon ! One thing that you and spouse should do is to explore the activities of sex as much as possible. Create a sensual aura and relax with your spouse so sex activities become more unforgettable. Focus to your spouse and forget the other world. Foreplay can be started with massage session and relaxation on the beach or have a romantic dinner.

Arrange an extreme agenda

Couple that choose a honeymoon with tour packages, usually have an agenda that have been scheduled. If you really want to use tour packages, make sure to find a packages with a schedule that not too dense. Just enjoy your holiday with no need to think all of the schedule that waiting the next day. If you tired, just relax in the hotel. The essence of honeymoon is not fully for tourism, but for relaxation, for you and spouse. If possible, avoid taking complicated honeymoon packages for your and spouse freedom.

Bringing friends or families

There is no must to tell your whole family and friends where your honeymoon will be, moreover to invite them. Even if there is a family member that visit that place at the same time, you don’t need to getting busy to arrange a schedule to meet them. Honeymoon is the time for you to focus to your spouse and vice versa. If you want to create an agenda with friends or families, do it in the next time.

Complain about anything

This one is very forbidden in honeymoon. Whatever will be, just enjoy it as a part of your experience. Honeymoon also is not the right moment to take up a problem that occurred during the wedding preparations. Avoid any complain and negative talks about the others, moreover about families, friends, or elderly couples. You for sure don’t want your honeymoon tinged with a sparring that will ruin your romantic mood.

Lose control or drunk

If you and your spose decide to spare your night at club and drink alcohol, make sure you know your limit. Don’t let yourself to cross the limit and being uncrontrolled even embarrassing your spouse. Honeymoon is the time to start to know each other more deeply. Of course you don’t want to lose the admiration from your spouse only because of a small things.

Taking care of work

Just leave your work only for this time. You just go for a while, and this is your first intimate moment in your marriage. Is supposed a moment that occur once in a lifetime, the work could be relented. Prepare well in advance of the work piling up. Delegate your colleague or training in order to backup your work during the honeymoon. For this once, you should be able to better defend the interests of the couple rather than a job.

Have a nice honeymoon !