Perfect Place for Honeymoon in Bali

Perfect Place for Honeymoon in Bali

Bali is a tourist destination that has been known to foreign countries. There are so many unique and interesting places that it is only in the island of Bali. In addition to its beautiful nature and dazzling, other things that cause Bali  unique is its culture. In Bali, most people were Hindus. Hinduism which has been fused with the wisdom of Balinese culture, or Hindu Bali.

What causes Bali so beautiful ?
Bali since time immemorial has embraced the teachings of Tri Hita Karana. One of the many concepts propagated by Dang Hyang Nirarta, a holy priests crossing from Java to Bali, and then set the main temple Sad Kahyangan (six Kahyangan, all prime temple that surround Bali) and then moksha (disappeared) at Pura Uluwatu (located on top of a cliff at the foot of the beautiful island of Bali).

Tri Hita Karana teaches us three important relationships in life to be maintained. The first is our relationship with our Creator or God, both our relationships among humans, and the third of our relationship with nature and all its contents. The world will be a place filled with peace when all humanity can apply this concept in their lives, as well as Bali in particular.

Therefore spending your honeymoon with spouse on the island of Gods is the right choice. First because in Bali there are so many places that suit your mood. Starting from the white sandy beach with sea typical dishes appetizing, modern urban area with a variety of shopping and entertainment venues, beautiful countryside, mountains with hills, caldera and the lake, botanical gardens neat and spacious, tropical forests, zoo, spiritual tourism, and many others.

Second, in Bali there are many unique cultural tradition. Start of Nyepi is celebrated once a year as the turn of the year or the new year, whole island is dead, no activty, no electricity, airport and public place including road is closed in one day full, with a variety of ceremonial processions and activities such as Pangerupukan with Ogoh-ogoh parade on the streets throughout the island of Bali. Galungan and Kuningan, as a celebration of the victory of good against evil, the arts festival from all over Bali are held for a full month as PKB and many others that can not be written.

Third, there is a variety of accommodation in Bali. Ranging from budget to super luxurious class. You can choose according to your choice. Resorts in Bali average is the best resort with world class service. So in addition to nature and the place is very beautiful, the service also will make your honeymoon more memorable.

Places on honeymoon in Bali will be in writing gradually with various review, stay tune.